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            About YASHI
            Natural unbleached bamboo paper,which protect our environment,
            also safety and healthier.

            OULU bamboo tissue paper--Take from nature,return to nature.

            OULU,the brand name is from a China famous poet-Qingzhao Li,
            The poet content as following:
            Always remember the pavilion beside a brook
            Drunken not knowing the way home at dusk
            To our hearts content, we were rowing back 
            Entering deep among water lilies by mistake
            Scrambling , row the boat!
            Scared water birds flying up when disturbed. 
            Which means the pursuit of healthy and beautiful life.

            After nearly a hundred years of mass deforestation,the forest area in the world is getting smaller and smaller.The wood growing time is long,and its growth rate cannot keep up with the cutting using demand.And cutting trees can destroy the ecological environment,which are easily lead to geological disasters.

            For now,the world's wood resources showed a decreasing trend year by year,especially in China,now mostly manufacturers rely on importing from overseas,this caused the costs rising and seriously affecting consumer costs.

            With fewer and fewer forest resources,many countries began to plant the fast-growing trees for papermaking,through the carefully management and use of chemical elements to help it grow faster.They use drugs to prevent the insects and disease.Although it eased the contradiction of supply and demand of wood,but the quality of this kind of wood fiber is poor and with the chemical element and drug residues,this can affect the people healthy.

            With the development of modern society and the improvement of living standards, people are increasingly pursuing a healthy life and better environment. Bamboo products are also increasingly appearing in people's lives. Bamboo furniture, bamboo utensils and bamboo paper are now gradually changing our lifestyle.

            After years of researching and development and innovation, we chose natural “sinocalamus affinis” bamboo as the raw material of the paper,and we have spent 27 years process precipitation to develop the natural antibacterial and non-bleached bamboo tissue paper products,and successfully launched in 2015,our bamboo paper are getting widely reputation and praise.In China,we have abundent bamboo resources,here is an old saying:World most abundent bamboo are in China, China bamboo are in Sichuan.Our OULU brand bamboo raw material is from Bamboo sea in Sichuan province of China.Bamboo grows fast and easily to plant,we cut the bamboo in a stipulated time,this will not damage the ecological environment,also it can promote the growth of the bamboo in this way.We use the natural “sinocalamus affinis”as the raw material for bamboo tissue paper products,from the raw material and the final production,every tissue paper has been put on the label of environment protection,we hopefully to transmit the idea of environmental protection to everyone in the world,use no trees and healthy bamboo tissue paper,we can build a better world,more and more people will have the concept of environmental and healthy consumption.

            OULU brand natural 100% bamboo tissue paper,which has soft skin touch feeling and excellent water absorption than other brand tissue paper,and the bamboo tissue paper are not in bleached process,the tissue paper are in natural bamboo pale brown color,which has excellent tensile strength,stiffness,wet strength,with advantages of no impurities,paper hole,loss of dust,without fluorescer and other harmful carcinogenic,which has passed the US FDA food-grade testing, the EU ROHS certification and so on.It is eco-friendly,healthy and safety to use.

            Yashi Paper company has been the leading company of bamboo tissue paper industry in China,we will try our best efforts to provide the healthy,safety and eco-friendly products to our customers,we warmly welcome you to cooperate with us and build a bright future.


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